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May 3, 2012, 2 Comments

So you and your muchachos need a place to don your sombreros for Cinco de Drinko this weekend. Might I suggest Paco’s Tacos and Tequila? Because margaritas. They gots ‘em. […]

One-third protein, one-third, veggie, one-third carb. Perfectly balanced meal.

How to make a perfectly balanced meal – enchilada edition

February 14, 2012, 11 Comments

Instead of eating macaroni and cheese and Nutella cheesecake every day like I’d like, I’ve been subscribing to the whole balanced plate ph ...

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Tortilla press, you will be mine

February 13, 2012, 9 Comments

Is it normal to fixate on a kitchen gadget like a school girl? Going out of my way to get to my next class for a “surprise” rendezvous whe ...