Yo' Mama column by Tricia Oakes
October 30, 2012, 8 Comments

Chaos in the car line at an elementary school is not pretty. It was I, the same person who spews bad words and insults the intelligence of those who don’t […]

Yo' Mama Column by Tricia Oakes

Yo’ Mama: Kids make you say the darndest things

September 6, 2012, 5 Comments

Now that I’ve been a mother for over five years, my perspective on all things parenthood and little boys has changed dramatically. I find myself say ...

Yo' Mama column by Tricia Oakes

Yo’ Mama: Bad guy with a sick brain

August 31, 2012, 10 Comments

“RAHHHH! I’M A BAD GUY SHOOTING EVERYONE AT THE MOVIE THEATER!” While taking aim at his family with a pool noodle, the sweet, innocent five-year ...

column by Tricia Oakes

Yo’ Mama: Free to be you and me

June 13, 2012, 9 Comments

Tearing up as much as my medication would allow was no surprise to me. Because any group of kids singing, especially when they are singing to celebrat ...

  • column by Tricia Oakes
    Santa is a sociopath
    December 22, 2011, 4 Comments

    When I was a little girl, I was not a fan of Santa Claus. He was creepy. He could see me all of the time, knew when I was bad […]

  • Yo' Mama column by Tricia Oakes
    For us, two is enough
    September 26, 2011, 2 Comments

    I keep kissing the decreasingly squishy cheeks of my 17-month-old and it makes me think that maybe, just maybe, I want one more baby. Just one more teeny, tiny baby-scented […]