Tweetsie Railroad PTSD

Ever been on a train when it was hijacked by Native Americans shouting war cries while wearing full headdress regalia? Were they battling the local cowboys who shot blanks whose sound bounced loudly off of the train walls and scared the ever living mess out of your five-year-old self?

Then you must have been to Tweetsie Railroad in the early 1980s.

The Cowboys and Indians show at Tweetsie has changed a lot since then. The actors now perform what I think is supposed to be a comedic performance-they literally play the Benny Hill music while they chase each other around a fort facade. One of the “Indians” still scared the mess out of me by sneaking up to my open train window and staring in until I noticed. I may or may not have (definitely did) screamed.

Aside from the PTSD I have from the train rides, I really love going to Tweetsie. Driving up the mountain and watching the temperature drop a full 23 degrees  is a welcome reprieve from muggy summer days in the Piedmont. Both of my boys experienced their first Ferris Wheel rides there, and the candy makers there make really good fudge.

Aside from the rides, the arcade, and the fudge, my kids really loved the petting zoo. Since our last visit, Frat Boy the Elder has asked for a goat as a pet at least once a week.

Things to know before you go:

  • Search for online discount codes before you buy your tickets. It cost our family of four over $90 for admission. I’m kicking myself for not looking for a coupon.
  • The food there (besides the fudge) is mediocre and expensive. Pack a picnic lunch instead and eat at the picnic tables.
  • Wear sunscreen.
  • Bring a stroller-there are plenty of places to park them if needed. The park is hilly, and little legs might have a tough time navigating, especially if they are tired.
  • There are often special events at Tweetsie that carry additional fees. We’ve been for the Thomas the Train visits and they also offer seasonal events such as the Halloween Ghost Train.

What about you? Do you have childhood memories of the shoot outs on the train at Tweetsie Railroad? 



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