Nick’s Barbeque: Charleston, SC

What follows is a review written by my friend Dixie Norris, whom I’ve literally known since we were babies. She’s lucky enough to live in Charleston with her husband Daryl, and I’m lucky enough to have a sweet friend to share the inside scoop on Charleston’s dining and nightlife scene.

By Dixie Norris

The Jim ‘n Nick’s location on King Street recently changed from a sit down restaurant to an order at the counter joint and renamed themselves “Nick’s Barbeque.” The reason behind the switch was to speed things up for busy shoppers.

I don’t think it works as well.

When we visited there was only one register open which created a long line of customers waiting to order. When I am shopping and finally take a break for lunch I’m tired and want to get off my feet. Standing in a line to order is not a good break. However, once you order they do get the food out pretty fast.

Nick's BBQ image, Charleston, SC

I chose a pulled pork sandwich which was quite good, the pork was tender and juicy and there was enough to make two sandwiches. The sandwiches come a la carte, slaw is not included. Who doesn’t need slaw with their sandwich?  To add a small scoop they charge a whopping $2.19!  Fortunately my husband is usually willing to share food with me so he ordered the slaw and I ordered some fries and we split them. Again there was plenty to share.

He went for the Double Decker which is pulled pork, a 3rd slice of bun, and beef brisket. He said it was his favorite BBQ sandwich in town. The sauce situation is of utter importance to me when eating BBQ, vinegar is my favorite and they do not carry it. Two choices are provided, a red that reminds me of Arby’s sauce and is very good, and a very spicy habanero which is too hot to eat.

Jim n Nick's sauce

Dixie likes it sauce-ay!

In all it is good food but they lost a lot of character when making the change to “Nick’s.”

PS- one more change that is a downer, they took away the complimentary cheddar biscuits- a real shame.

Nick’s Barbeque

288 King Street

Charleston, SC  29401


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