Monogrammed hat giveaway winner

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I really wish I could give everyone who entered the giveaway one of these hats, because they are so precious, and because I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my blog. I really love writing it, and it feels good to know that someone out there is listening to my special brand of crazy and not judging me for it. At least no one says they do in the comments, so I’m assuming no one thinks I need a one way ticket to Bull Street. At least not this week. (As an aside, sometimes I want to go to Bull Street. I bet I could use the bathroom there with less than two other people and a dog trying to sit on the toilet with me.)

When I saw that entry number six won, I got really excited, because that number belongs to my sweet friend, Kiesha. Everyone should have a pal who is as genuine and lovely as Kiesha. She is going to look adorable in her hat. One wouldn’t expect anything less from someone who has kids to whom I refer as “The Catalog Children.” They are so cute, they always look like they stepped out of a catalog.

I mean, seriously. How cute are they? Also? Totally easy to save a picture from facebook to your computer and publish it on your blog.

Thanks, everyone, for entering. Head on over to The Palm Gifts to purchase your own hat (they are much more affordable there than other places I’ve seen), and then we’ll all wear them on the same day. It will be a convention of cute.

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  1. Andrea s June 11, 2012 at 8:48 pm · Reply

    Yeah kiesha!!

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