Closed For Business: Charleston, SC

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What follows is a review written by my friend Dixie Norris, whom I’ve literally known since we were babies. She’s lucky enough to live in Charleston with her husband Daryl, and I’m lucky enough to have a sweet friend to share the inside scoop on Charleston’s dining and nightlife scene. 

By Dixie Norris

I would describe Closed For Business as a man’s bar (but women are definitely welcome). Its walls are decorated with beer signs and stuffed animals (the kind that were once alive), the plethora of taps serve as decor, and there is plenty of dark leather furniture.  It feels like a manly ski lodge.   Rock and alternative music can be heard at a volume that allows you to appreciate the music while still hearing the conversation around you.

Their beer list is extensive; they have over 40 beers on tap and carry the largest variety of Charleston beers I’ve seen, including Westbrook, Coast, Holy City, and Palmetto. The local brews are so popular that they are often gone the same day the keg arrives. (They do carry Budlight, but you might get made fun of for ordering it- I had to do that dirty deed once after having too many heavy beers.) With so many varieties they sell beer flights for around $10 and even have a bourbon flight, but it’s $30! Glasses are available in 10oz, 16oz or a liter pour (the 10 is nice if you want to try several of their offerings). If you aren’t a beer drinker you will find a Sauvignon Blanc, a Merlot, and a Sparkling by the glass as well as plenty of liquor.

I have not eaten any of their food but I like that most of it comes from local farms. The salt & vinegar pork rinds look pretty tasty as well as some other bar treats.

Engaging bartenders are knowledgeable about the drinks and will offer you a sample if you ask about a beer. Each one I’ve seen knows when to chat and when to walk away. Most importantly, they know what they’re doing when the crowds swarm.

Closed For Business

453 King Street

Charleston, SC


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