Going to a new restaurant is always exciting for me. Leaving that restaurant and knowing that it is one of my new favorite restaurants in Charlotte makes me giddy.

I love my hometown of Charlotte, and I love business owners who love what they do and try to make it a better place. ¬†When the chef of a restaurant is the actual farmer who raises the majority of the food she serves, or obtains the food from farms within 100 miles of Charlotte, it makes me proud to call the restaurant Charlotte’s own, and to add it to the list of the city’s growing culinary gems list.

Harvest Moon Pork from Chef Cassie's Grateful Growers Farm

Not only is she a farmer, Chef Cassie Parsons knows what she’s doing in the kitchen. I’ve never had tastier collard greens. They were tart and crisp, and not the tiniest bit slimy or bitter. There’s nothing worse than slimy collards, which is how they end up when I make them. So I no longer do. It just isn’t right to keep massacring them that way.

Chicken and gnocchi. Uh huh.

In general, I subscribe to the Anthony Bourdain school of pre-meal bread consumption, which means I don’t. Bread takes up valuable belly real estate meant for the entree and sides. However. Make sure you eat a biscuit or ten. They are absolutely divine, and…dare I say it? Better than those at The Flying Biscuit. ***Diverts eyes guiltily away from my well-worn TFB cookbook. “I still love you as a friend,” I whisper. “We can still hang out without it being weird.”***

Partially eaten Harvest Moon Grille biscuit. Didn't realize it deserved a picture until I sampled.

Karen, our superb server, offered up succulent chicken and pork dishes from the seasonal menu, along with perfectly textured gnocchi. For dessert, there was cheesecake topped with tiny kiwis grown outside of Asheville in a greenhouse. You just never know what those Subaru-driving hippies are going to do next.

Have breakfast with a friend, date night with your one and only, take some clients you want to impress to lunch, or participate in one of their cooking classes. It doesn’t matter when, just get to Harvest Moon Grille, and get your share of fresh food prepared by a master chef.

Harvest Moon Grille

The Dunhill Hotel

235 N. Tryon Street

Charlotte, NC






3 Comments on "Harvest Moon Grille: Charlotte, NC"

  1. Leslie December 28, 2011 at 12:33 pm · Reply

    LOVE some collard greens and you have totally made me want to try this place!!!

    • Tricia December 29, 2011 at 2:09 pm · Reply

      Leslie, it is so good. You will love it.

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