Cupcrazed Cakery: Fort Mill, SC

Edited to add: Cupcrazed won the season finale of  ”Cupcake Wars” on the Food Network in September 2011. 

In Baxter Village, a planned community in Fort Mill which is often referred to as “Pleasantville“, “Stepford”, and “Agrestic East”, Cupcrazed Cakery offers some welcome texture to a homogenous bubble.

Every day, owner Heather McDonnell and her dedicated staff serve up themed creations such as Kool-Aid, Girl Scout cookie, Double Rainbow, Maple Bacon, Policeman Specials (coffee cupcake with a house-made mini doughnut on top) and Monthly Charity Cupcakes in addition to their regular, more traditional flavors.

Daily specials are publicized on facebook and twitter, and their insatiable customer base often buys out the entire shop before closing time. If you can’t get there early,  call to request a specific cupcake to be set aside for you. Like the sign on the wall there says, “We are not Wal-Mart. We don’t have everything every day.” Heed the advice and get the rarities while you can.

A gluten-free oven is reserved for selections for those with wheat sensitivities, vegan cupcake concoctions are offered on a regular basis, and Cupcrazed is dedicated to using natural and fresh ingredients in their treats. Unlike some other cupcake shops, all of the cupcakes are made fresh daily, unless they are noted to be day old, and those are sold at half price. They’re still good, and are a bargain, to boot.

Outdoor seating has recently been added, or tear into a luscious cake pop in the adorably funky and cozy dining area flanked by iconic pop culture images altered to include cupcake kitsch. Coffee and other beverages are also available, and free Wi-Fi for customers, ahem, sweetens the experience.

Cupcrazed is located at 936 Market Street, Suite 103 in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

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